My idea is to do an improvised stop motion drawing on a daily coastal walk for 7 consecutive days. This activity would use the idea of marking time. To give an idea of what may emerge I have attached an image of me making a ‘Selkie’ returning to the sea. This chalk drawing is made on the slate beach at Kimmeridge near my home in Dorset. The drawing is erased and redrawn and recorded to make a stop motion animation eventually the sea will reclaim it. This notion of time passing and looping is something which I aim to capture in my work. Each sketch will be recorded then spliced together to form a ‘moving drawing diary’ for 7 days. Intended for screening indoors it will be like taking the outside environment inside which may alter the viewers’ experience of being inside and they may feel transformed. I often use found sounds to accompany my animations but I would love to use more instrumental music with them.