Platforms Project Art Fair is an international independent art fair in Athens. I am thrilled to be invited by artist Jackie Berridge to exhibit in this artist led art fair. The fair takes place in the School of Fine Arts, Athens 13-16 October.  As part of Platform HMS ‘Telling Tales’ I have made 2 picture scrolls which are wound between 2 spools for display on a traditional ‘crankie’ storytelling device. Dante’s Inferno tells the tale of Dante’s journey with Virgil through Hell. Lithograph on Atsu Kuchi paper 23x240cm The Butterfly Soul tells the story of a dream. Solar etching on Lokta leaf paper 22x180cm.

Participating artists include: David Ainley, Joan Ainley, Andrew Bracey, Jackie Berridge, Robbie Bushe, Louisa Chambers, Cynthia Harrison Orr, Harriet Mena Hill, Michael Johnson, Debbie Lee, Arianna Tinulla Miles, Masao Nahahara Mandy Payne, Kerri Pratt, R&F Mo, Geraldine Swayne and Gabriel Tejada Maggi.