I am honoured to announce that I am one of the four artists invited by Robbie Bushe RSA to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy 196th Annual Exhibition alongside Royal Scottish Academicians and art selected through the open exhibition.
I will be exhibiting my triptych Let Loose in the Galleries. There is a dark circus of events taking place in this triptych, but no-one is paying much attention to the children who have been let loose in the gallery. The adults are either looking at the pictures on the wall or at their mobile phones. The wallpaper is a poisonous arsenic-green, arabesquing throughout the scene.
Let Loose in the Galleries oil on canvas 120x300cm
I also have two works included in the online exhibition. They are Standing Lamp, oil on canvas 152x102cm and Little Struggles, animated drawings.

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh 23 April-12 June